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On his journey to become a better chess player Elliott Neff has read hundreds of chess books and evaluated countless chess products. Here are some of his recommendations:

Highest Recommendations
Checkmate Ideas for Students
Chess Rules for Students
Chess Tactics for Students
Chess Training Pocketbook II
Elliott's Chess School - Pawn Level Workbook
How to Reassess Your Chess
My System - Nimzovich
Opening Preparation - Dvoretsky
Practical Rook Endings - Mednis
School of Chess Excellence 2 - Tactical - Dvoretsky
Silman's Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner to Master
Technique for the Tournament Player - Dvoretsky
Test Your Chess I.Q. Vol I
Think Like a Grandmaster - Kotov
Tips for Young Players
Training for the Tournament Player - Dvoretsky

Courses/Additional Material
Art of Attack
Combination Challenge
Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. I
Comprehensive Chess Course Vol. II
Course in 21 Lessons - Kopec
Isolated Pawn
Sharpen Your Tactics
Winning Chess Endings, 4th Ed. - Seirawan
Winning Chess Openings, 4th Ed. - Seirawan
Winning Chess Strategies - Seirawan
Winning Chess Tactics 4th Ed - Seirawan

Great Videos and DVDs
Elliott's Chess School DVD 1, Pawn Level
Elliott's Chess School DVD 2, Knight Level
Rook & Pawn Endgames (DVD) - Mednis
Searching for Bobby Fischer (DVD)

Highest Recommended Software

ChessBase Light - Free Download
Basic Principles of Chess Strategy Vol 1 (CD)
Basic Principles of Chess Strategy Vol 2 (CD)
Basic Principles of Chess Strategy Vol. 3 (CD)
Chess Assistant
Chess Endgame Training
Chess School for Beginners
Chess Tactics Art 3.0 (CD)
Chess Tactics for Beginners
Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players
ChessBase 11 Starter Package
Fritz 11 Chess Software for PC
Rybka 3 with ChessBase Interface
Total Chess Training III

Additional Great Recommendations
Art of Defense in Chess - Soltis
Art of Positional Play - Reshevsky
Best Lessons of a Chess Coach - Weeramantry
Blockade - Nimzovich
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
Chess Tactics for the Tourn. Player
Combinational Motifs
Just the Facts!
Positional Play - Dvoretsky
Practical Bishop Endings - Mednis
Strategy for the Tournament Player
Test Your Chess I.Q. Vol II